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Bedroom Furniture
Mission Queen Bed - B04
63"w x 52"h

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Product Information

The height of most of our footboards is 26". In most cases when bed is set up, the footboard is lower than height of mattress so it does not get in the way of your feet! The only exception is the Arched Panel bed which has a footboard that is 33" high and is highe than the mattress. All headboards and footboards are available without metal art

All of our headboards, footboards and side rails are made of solid Ambrosia Maple. All panels in our beds are raised panels made of solid ¾” maple and bordered by 1-1/2" thick x 3" wide solid maple to give that special elegant look. All our complete beds include Solid Maple headboard, footboard and side rails.

King and Queen beds come with a center support and slats for added support of the box spring and mattress.

The metal artwork that is shown on our furniture is created of laser cut steel that is the finest in terms of detail and finish that you will ever see. Well-known artist R.A. Guthrie designs and produces each piece. McMillan’s has selected several of Rick Guthrie’s pieces and applies them on many of our furniture pieces to offer that unique western look.

Any of our furniture that is shown with Rick Guthrie metal artwork can be purchased without the artwork if you desire.

McMillan’s furniture is crafted using only the finest Ambrosia Maple. Each piece that McMillan’s Furniture designs and builds is built with old world craftsmanship, finished with a hand rubbed oil finish and then lacquered with 3 coats of lacquer for a totally carefree piece that will last generations. Each piece of furniture is signed and dated and has our hand cast solid brass logo prominently displayed.

We proudly use hand forged handles made of actual horseshoes. Blacksmith, Casey Abbs forges used horseshoes into unique handles in Tucson, AZ exclusively for our furniture.

"We build the Antique Roadshow Treasures of Tomorrow"

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